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Kill Bill Grand Calvera

Něco o mě - Something about me

* 07. 07. 2004

A ( 0/0 )
Výška / Délka Hight / Lenght
50,5 / 51,5 cm
Hlava / Hřbet Head / Back
26 / 41 cm

Billy 5 týdnů



The dog's 11 prayers.

1. My life only takes 10 to 15 years.
Every separation from you, means great sorrow for me.
- Think about that before you get me!
2. Give me time to understand, what it is you want from me.
3. Make me trustful – that is my whole life!
4. Don't be angry with me very long – and don't lock me away for punish.
5. You have your job, your pleasures, your friends - I only have you!.
6 Talk to me – even though I don't understand your words,
I do understand your voice.
7. Do you know, that I never forget, how I am treated?
8. Before you hit me, think about, that with my jaw, I can with easiness crush your hand,
but I don't use my power!.
9. When you get irritated with me, because you are in a hurry,
think about, that I maybe has a pain,
maybe I was too long in the sun,
maybe I am just tired or sorry.
10. Take good care of me when I get old – you also get old some day.
11. Be there for me when thing are difficult – every thing gets easier
......because I have you.